“Just one Shabbos and we’ll all be free, just one Shabbos, come and join with me… We’ll sing and dance to the sky with our spirits so high…!” MBD’s powerful message still resonates throughout the Jewish world, decades after he first serenaded us with it. From Aish’s open door policy, to OTD Shabbos groups on Facebook, the importance and beauty of Shabbos resides within every Pintele Yid.

Seek Menucha

While every Shabbos is special and new, there’s no denying that our physical location and surroundings have significant impact on the Shabbos experience.  As a city girl myself, I never turn down an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, especially to elevate my Shabbos. Always seeking to expound on the full meaning of Menucha, I particularly enjoy being surrounded by nature and Hashem’s miraculous world. So, logically, when I heard about PSF I simply had to get involved.

What is PSF, you ask? Technically, it stands for Palm Shtrimpin Festival – a name heavy with internal meaning to its creators, but no practical application.

In reality, it’s the process of rebuilding the Bais Hamikdash one camping trip at a time.


By combining their passion for camping, Judaism, live music, and bringing Jewish souls closer together, the founders of PSF created a program that truly makes you feel the impact of Shabbos Menucha.

Heimishe food, Shabbos observance, and family connection is how 100s of people choose to enjoy one summer weekend in August. Spending the whole Friday rejoicing and preparing mentally for the Shabbos Queen, PSF goers spend Shabbos itself relaxing and enjoying one another’s company before experiencing the most vibrant music festival the Jewish communities and the globe over have ever seen.

With artists like Judaa, Pumpidisa, and Zusha to name a few, Motzei Shabbos and Sunday fill Echo Lake and attendees  with sustenance for the soul. From EDM, to Nanach, to reggae, to Psytrance, the PSF DJs know how to individual’s soul dance. Including features like a Moroccan Hookah lounge, meditation and yoga, face and canvas painting, therapeutic acupuncture, and more, PSF is the one annual festival you don’t want to miss out on!


The overwhelming demand for the festival was not lost on the loving founders of PSF and they didn’t stop with just an annual festival; they also make smaller camping trips throughout the summer for true camping and Shabbos lovers. From their site, “Not as much in the limelight are our quieter, more private camping trips that take place throughout the summer. We enjoy eating, cooking, grilling, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, having intimate and intellectual conversations and so many more things that we call fun.”

So… will we see you this year?