Diamond tennis bracelet in BP.
Call/Text: 347-533-1800

Did you lose a diamond pin
several years ago?
Call/Text: 718-644-6219

Brand new Miri shaitel in black paper shopping bag near
1678-45th st, on Wed, Aug 16th.
Call: 718-288-0168 reward offered.

Gold & diamond watch Sep 6.
Call: 347-417-2657

•Gold diamond bracelet this past Shabbos Sep 9.•Green Carriage bag in BP.
Call: 917-588-6060 

Micro SD card SanDisk 64 GB.
Call: 718-236-1483

Diamond bracelet on Sunday Rosh Hashana on 12th, b\t 42-44 area.
Call: 347-675-0963

Gold ring with diamonds butterfly on Bedford between park & satmar myrtle shul or maybe inside the shul. Call: 718-744-4896

Diamond earring, 2nd day Rosh Hashana.
Call: 718-435-1471

Money on 44th st.
Call/Text: 718-916-3985

Pink Mema Knits baby blanket the second night Rosh Hashana.
Call: 347-404-8044

Diamond earing with green stone in the middle, possibly in the area of 54, 55 bet 13th & 11th.
Call: 718-344-2248