Heimishe playgroup in BP
seeking Yiddish speaking assistant, P/T afternoon.


Looking to hire individual to help
out w/ local deliveries, etc.
Great pay. Sun-Thurs, 10-6.

Email: HR@GoldenTasteInc.com

Seeking FT employee w/ exp in:
eBay cataloging (create/update)
Amazon cataloging (create/update)
WordPress web (listing) Excel & QB


Seeking F/T-P/T female health para
in chassidishe boys preschool,
Yiddish speaking a must.
Fax: 718-686-5577

718-686-5500 x223

Seeking young creative woman to work w/ & give comp lessons to a disabled girl on Sun in Willi.
Great pay through comhab.


Heimishe BP office seeking in-house resp indiv w/ knowledge in product photography & photo editing.
Call: 718-851-3510 x114
Email: hr@photo4less.com

Fax: 718-851-0636

Admin assistant for busy BP office. Must have basic knowledge of computers. Writing, communication
& interpersonal skills +. Will train.


F/T Secretary position avail in
yeshiva office in BP. Computer skills necessary. Room for growth.
Email: Mrmandel418@gmail.com

Fax: 732-686-6499

Care coordinator, FT, personable & org, BA in human services, computer prof a must, heimish environment, willing to train. Email resume:


Seeking P3 provider in BP,  2 kids, after school, at home. 


FT Teacher for Heimishe preschool in BP, Yiddish/English, Exp a must.
Email Resume: Aglick1051@gmail.com

Text: 347-865-1966

Heimishe BP office seeking resp
girl as F/T buyer’s assistant.
Call: 718-851-3510 x114
Email: hr@photo4less.com

Fax: 718-851-0636