A 24” stolen bike was left on our property on 7/13-7/14.
Call: 718-437-4362

Call: 718-437-4362

Rosh Hashanah Machzor with the name Moshe Scharf.

Text/Call: 347-358-5544

Small leather tehilim was found on the D train Tuesday evening May
30, 9:30 pm.
Call: 917-217-8100

Hoop earring Bedford/Wallabout on the curb near imperial hall on Tuesday 8/29 (Wertheimer-Klein wedding) Call: 917-860-6513

Fake diamond bracelet by 14th
&  48th, September 9.
Call: 718-497-0636

Pair of glasses in holder in my car, possibly from a passenger between Willi & Monsey.
Call/Text: 718-781-3410

Pink skirt & blows (child size) at Myrtle Shuel Williamsburg, before summer, it has a name Fradill weiss. Call: 929-625-5768

Gold link bracelet 2nd day yom tov Lee bet Lorimer & Hooper/Lynch Park.
Call: 347-893-5586

Mini green smartbass in pink case,
on 47 bet 13&14.
Call: 347-578-3384

Kids bike in Bedford Gardens
Park before the summer.
Call: 718-388-0049

Pink & white floral baby blanket on
15th & 56th on 9/20.
Call: 347-542-9051

Heart pendant with red studs.
Call: 929-545-0972