Grey velour baby blanket in
Mehadrin Grocery on
12th Avenue and 52nd Street.
Please pick up asap.

Brand name baby blanket on E2nd st, if lost,
Email details to:

Black baby ribbed headband, Nana h, on 14th  Ave bet 43 & 44.


SD card in BP in June with pictures of girls Camp Rav Tov.


Money, on14th ave bet 47 & 48. 


Lost & found were you looking for it? We’ve found it, we believe it’s yours, we’d like to return it to you, it’s your neshomo, come & claim it, superb program for women & girls only. Call:347-526-6372

Children’s Sz 4-5 weather tamer & wool tzitzis in Deleware Court Motel in Fleischmanns.


Baby stroller, 2 weeks ago on 13th Ave off 46 st.


Ger kids kapel on shabbos, 45-14.