Heimishe, warm, exp babysitter
avail to babysit 3-4 babies, 9:30-4,
16th & 43rd. Also avail eve hrs.
And overnight. Refs avail.

Call Esty: 347-388-2401

A heimishe, exp babysitter avail to babysit in your home, 53rd-60th St, P/T & late night avail, resp, warm, loving. Refs. All yr.


Heimishe warm babysitter on 
18th & 60th, drop-ins welcome.
Monday-Friday. Hours: 9-5.
Open for the summer


Babysitter avail for weddings, daytime/afternoon/eve hrs.
Halls: $9/hr. 
Homes: $10/hr. Refs avail.


Heimishe, warm babysitter
avail to babysit. Newborns pref.
Small group, morning hours.
Located on 14th & 55th.