Coat Rack Gemach Zichron Shlome
Coat racks to lend
for any occasion.


Kallah Capes Gemach
Luxurious white fur capes,
fresh & beautiful for chupah.
Black fur capes avail for mother.


Make Up Gemach
Professional make up artist,
for all occasions.


Reflector Belt Gemach
Stay safe while walking or biking.

Leave Message: 718-853-4966

Maternity Simcha Gemach
Gowns/dresses. Sun by appt. Wed:
8-9PM. Also, looking to buy current, elegant maternity gowns/dresses.

1325 56th • 718-871-2005

Luggage Scales Gemach
Scales for traveling.


Bridal Headpiece Gemach
Beautiful selection,
located in Flatbush.


Furniture & Appliance Gemach
Menadvim – where you can
donate & receive furniture, appliances, toys & more.

718-MENADVIm (636-2384)

Kallah Capes Gemach
White fur capes for Kallahs
for outdoor chupahs.


Medical Chain Gemach
For all medical supplies. G-tube
equipment, oxygen supplies, suction
catheters, urine catheters, etc.

To receive/donate: 718-435-0748

Robe Gemach
Bring Simchas Yom Tov & Shabbos
to your friends in need.
Donate robes in perfect cond.

718-645-6715 or 718-866-5878

Simcha Gemach
Bechers, challah covers & knives
available for Simchas.