Warm, heimishe, exp babysitter.
Avail daily/weekly/overnights.
12th & 36th, near Tiferes Rivkah.

Call Ruchy: 347-683-2781

Simcha Gemach
Glass bowls & trays to lend. No fee.
l”n Shprintza bas Sara Nechuma


Matan Mazal clothes/housewares
To donate: fee $5.00 per bag/ box. 135 Foster Ave. No cost to receive.

Call Before: 718-871-0860

Glassware Gemach
לע”נ אליהו ומשה אליעזר יוסף -ן ברוך הלוי
Fruit & salad bowls, cake trays, mirror trays, vases, tea lights, candy dishes,
cookie jars & plates. Glass shelves.


Bris Gemach
Cards w/ tefilah to be mispalel while baby cries which is ais ratzon.


Silver/grey machteiniste
dress size 6, very good price.
Call Evenings:


Cake Cutter Gemach
Extra large, 16″ double handled knife, for easier cutting sheet cakes
& more even slices.


Advocate for Impartial Hearing Gemach
Receive all needed sessions of
speech, OT, PT & P3.


Bris Gemach
Segula stone to help bring down jaundice (yellow) in baby in time for bris, as late as night before.


Baby Formula Gemach
If you are in need of Neocate baby
formula or you have extra.

Leave Message: 718-853-4090

Chavrusa Gemach
Donate 10% of your time, volunteer
to be a chavrusa w/ homebound yid.

718-377-3272 Eve: 718-692-2898

Kallah Capes Gemach
Kallah white fur capes in BP.
Call (eve) & Leave Message: