Shalom Bayis Shiurim
Shiurim for Chassanim & Yingerleit,
indvl only, Shalom Bayis strictly
confidential, we do listen to you.
Call Rabbi Goldstein Rav of Onod:

718-384-5812 or 917-747-0964

Tehillim Hachida Gemach
Segulah for parnassah,
zivug & all yeshuos.
Get Tehillim Hachida for 40 days.


Bris Gemach
Bris outfits & pillow
Gemach in Flatbush.


Health Guidance Gemach
Skin, digestion issues. Immune
disorders. General health info.


Ladies Clothing & Shoes Gemach
Non-profit org giving away nice
new ladies clothing & shoes
to needy ladies only.


Napkin Ring Gemach
Beautiful brand new napkin rings
for all your simchos, parties &
special occasions. No charge.

718-259-2231 or 347-668-9870

Sheitel Gemach
Donate sheitels in good cond to
benefit our sisters in Eretz Yisroel.


Tichel Gemach
Silk Tichlech to give away
L’shem Mitzvah. Also accepting
Tichlech in good cond.


Bris Gemach
Poiyas, pillows, bris outfits.
BP: 718-435-7221-15th & 57th
BP: 718-871-5467-13th & 45th

Williamsburg: 718-599-5508

Hospital Gown Gemach בגדי אסתר
Avail for kimpet & others in need.
Tznius hosp gowns made in compli
w/ hosp req. (Wrap around, snaps).


Ladies Hat Gemach
Gently used weekday & Shabbos
ladies hats. Donate/receive free.
1345-41st, 1st flr. Drop off avail in BP, Willi, Woodmere.


Nursing Pump Gemach
New Medela pumps avail
for short term rentals.